Caitlyn Jenner Sends Message To Outed Survivor Contestant

Caitlyn Jenner is no stranger to being talked about for being transgender. She recently sent a message to a Survivor contestant who had been outed by a castmate.

Contestant Jeff Varner outed another castmate Zeke Smith as transgender.

In the show, Varner asked Smith, “Why haven’t you told anyone you’re transgender?”

Smith was silent during the question, and no other contestant jumped in to say anything our come to his defense.
Jenner, a 67-year-old former Olympian, sent a message to Smith on Twitter. She said, “@zekerchief Being trans in the public eye is no joke, but you did good buddy. You made us proud.”

Smith had written an essay after being outed that read, “I’m not wild about you knowing that I’m trans. An odd sentiment, I realize, for someone who signed up for two seasons of the CBS reality giant, Survivor. See, when I got on a plane to Fiji last March, I expected to get voted out third. I’d return home, laugh at my misadventure, and go about my life, casually trans in the same way that Zac Efron is casually Jewish. But that’s not what happened. I ended up being pretty good at Survivor. I was invited back immediately for an all-star season, during the course of which I was maliciously outed by a former local network news anchor. What a summer!”

“I lost many from my life when I transitioned. Most were supportive in theory, but distanced themselves, unsure and a little weirded out by the process. On the whole, the world doesn’t treat trans people with much kindness. Even those who aren’t outwardly hateful crinkle their noses at you. When enough people crinkle their noses at you, you begin to think you stink.”

Smith added, “There is no playbook for being trans. You make it up as you go along.”

Jenner must have related to Smith’s essay as she was treated this way by the Kardashians. She will be embarking on a nationwide tour to promote her book soon called, “The Secrets of My Life.”

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