Britney Spears Couldn’t Nail It At The VMA’s

Last night was supposed to be Britney Spears’ big return to the VMA’s and instead she was greatly outshined by other artists, especially Beyonce who performed right before her.

When your performance is scheduled for right after Beyonce, it’s hard not to be nervous. Britney Spears may not have let her nervousness show too much, but her performance was sub-par compared to Queen B’s routine.

It was nine years ago that Spears had sung “Gimme More” in a very embarrassing performance. When Kim Kardashian presented the princess of pop last night, everyone was expecting something close to huge.

Spears performed “Make Me” from her new album Glory and although she looked amazing and nailed her choreography, there was something missing. Maybe it was because Beyonce had pulled off an amazing performance that blew the crowd away just minutes before. Maybe it was because Beyonce sang for 16 minutes and nailed each note, while Britney lip-synched one song.

Hopefully Britney doesn’t shy away from the VMA’s again after last night and MTV schedules their performances with a little more consideration. It was suppose to be Spears’ comeback and MTV had her looking like sloppy seconds.

Sofia Vida

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