A Breastfeeding Barbie Doll? Yeah, That Just Happened

Breastfeeding in public has been controversial for years, but artist, and mom, Betty Strachan is taking a stand in a very artistic way.

Strachan has created a breastfeeding Barbie doll to support women and to educate children.

The Australian artist makes custom dolls by painting new faces on Barbies. Her breastfeeding dolls are called, “Mamas Worldwide Barbie.” They’re selling out pretty quickly on her Etsy store, under the name “All the Little Dolls.”

“The decision to make a breastfeeding doll didn’t come consciously,” Strachan told the Huffington Post. “I’m a member of a mothers’ group that’s comprised of very lovely and supportive women. I remember one day, I was drawing the new face on a Barbie doll, and she just seemed to be the embodiment of the entire group.”

She went on to say, “Everyone in my mothers’ group thought it was great, so I posted her on my Instagram page. After that, I received a few requests to make more, and I realized that it was really something that should be available ― because, like most things that society deems unacceptable, educating children is the way to erase the stigma behind it.”

She also told People that “Women were given the amazing gift of being able to carry and nourish children and being shamed for doing so is just wrong.”

Sofia Vida

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