Tesla (TSLA) Wants All Of Their Cars To Do This

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made an announcement this week that the company is starting to build its electric cars with all the sensors, cameras and other gear needed to drive completely on their own. This of course would be possibly only when regulations allow the technology to take over the responsibility of the driver.

With regulatory clearance and additional testing, according to Musk, all the cars rolling off Tesla’s assembly lines will have the equipment needed to be fully autonomous.

Musk has also said that Tesla’s future cars will have eight cameras instead of the single one currently on the vehicles running the Autopilot system, its automatic steering and braking system that it has had since last year.

The future cars will have sensors with twice the range as the current vehicles and have 40 times more computing power capable of performing 12 trillion operations per second.

According to Musk, the technology will be twice as safe as a human driver.

“It will basically be a supercomputer in a car,” he said.

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Sofia Vida

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