Ford to Bring Autonomous Vehicles to Test Market Next Year

According to Ford’s CEO, the company will be bringing self-driving vehicles to a test market in 2018.

CEO Jim Hackett made the announcement on Thursday during a conference call, but did not specify where exactly the test would take place or any more details.

Traders had more than just that to celebrate, but also the fact that Ford just reported a strong quarterly report for the third quarter.

The company wants self driving vehicles in the market in 2021 and is investing over $1 billion into autonomous driving technology company Argo AI over the next five years.

Hackett mentioned that self driving vehicles could lead the company into new businesses. Ford just announced in August that it is partnering up with Domino’s pizza to test self driving technology with pizza deliveries in Michigan.j

“The world knows about ride-hailing, but I don’t think they were thinking about pizza delivery,” said Hackett.
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