You Won’t Believe The Way This Mom Treats Her Kids On Christmas

Emma Tapping is a 36-year old British mother who really knows how to do Christmas. The mother of three is giving her kids more than 300 gifts this year, roughly 100 each.

While many have ridiculed the mother for going this overboard while many kids in the world receive no presents, the mother appeared on talk show “This Morning” to defend herself.

Sitting in front of a huge tree filled with gifts underneath, Tapping said, “For us, we don’t go out partying every single weekend… me and my partner, we work hard, all year around, and if that’s what we decide to spend our money on – our children for one day of the year, then why not?”

This is not the first year the mother has gone to such great lengths on Christmas. Last year she gave each kid around 86 gifts.

Tapping’s Christmas spirit has become so well known that she is being documented in a documentary called “Xmas Excess: Parents Splash The Cash.”

According to her however, she is no in no debt, and most of the gifts are supplies for school. She purchases at discount prices and begins her shopping at the start of the year.

“I’m an ace bargain hunter and I’m in no debt,” she told the “This Morning” hosts.

You can check out her massive present pile for Christmas 2016 below:


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