The Smart Way to Invest in Blockchain’s Continued Growth

DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) Offers Investors “Smart” Exposure to the Rapidly-Growing Blockchain Market

The explosion in growth of cryptocurrencies – and the blockchain technology that supports those currencies – has triggered a number fast-moving investment opportunities.

Investors who put their money directly into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have experienced a roller coaster ride over the past few months:

Those investors searching for more stable growth, instead of investing directly in cryptocurrencies, should look for companies involved in the underlying technology behind these cryptocurrencies.

One company — little-known DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) – right now stands poised for strong potential growth thanks to its four diversified revenue streams.

With a focus on software development – and outstanding partnerships – DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) is a unique blockchain investment positioned for success no matter if cryptocurrency prices are rising or falling.

Disruptive Technology Projected to Continue Growing Rapidly

Blockchain has often been called “the most disruptive technology to come along in decades.”

Simply put, blockchain technology manages the database that records and processes Bitcoin transactions…allowing them to take place. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin could not exist without blockchain technology.

The explosion in growth for blockchain technology has happened even faster than anticipated thanks to demand from industries beyond cryptocurrencies and banking.

According to projections, the global blockchain market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.8%…reaching USD $13.96 billion by 2022.

With such rapid growth, it makes sense that investors, customers and partners would look to put their money behind companies with exposure to blockchain.

But the recent “blockchain buzz” has brought with it some questionable investment opportunities.

Where Investors Should Look for Legitimate Blockchain Exposure

Within the past several months, companies like Long Island Iced Tea, Rich Cigars Inc. and Eastman Kodak have all announced plans to change their name and enter the blockchain space.

While those announcements – in some cases as transparent as simply adding the word “blockchain” to their name – are indicative of the frenzy associated with blockchain…they’re not likely to help individual investors profit from this trend.

Look to companies that offer products and services and where you can be not just an investor but a customer too.

So where should investors look for genuine blockchain growth potential?

Companies that offer the safety of diversified revenue sources – combined with proven expertise and key strategic partners – can provide investors with legitimate exposure to the high upside potential associated with blockchain’s rapid growth.

One such company is DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF).

DMG Blockchain has quickly established itself as a global leader in not only Bitcoin mining, but also Maas (Mining as a Service), forensic analysis and diversified blockchain platform development.

DMG Blockchain (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) is led by a team of highly experienced cryptocurrency developers, blockchain operators, forensic & financial experts with deep relationships throughout North America and Japan.

DMG Blockchain’s Four Diversified
Revenue Sources

With four distinct “streams” of revenue, DMG Blockchain offers investors the security of diversification. Since the company’s fortunes are not tied directly to the price of Bitcoin, the company is better positioned to survive – and thrive – in any kind of cryptocurrency market.

Of course, we typically profile investment opportunities like DMG Blockchain Solutions in this space and speak of their potential for growth.

But today we’d also like to present you with an overview of the services DMG Blockchain is offering – which can be used for a wide variety of blockchain-related applications – so that you may contact the company directly if you are interested in using these services.

Here’s a quick breakdown of DMG Blockchain’s four unique revenue streams including highlights of the services the company currently offers:

Revenue Stream #1: Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the result of deploying the latest computing technology and sourcing low cost power.

The company’s recently announced deal with Mogo Finance Technology – one of Canada’s leading financial technology companies – has shown that DMG Blockchain can attract and partner with leading companies.

Revenue Stream #2: Mining as a Service (Maas)

Mining as a Service (MaaS) involves providing end-to-end hosting services to clients seeking to invest in new Bitcoin ASIC computers and related Bitcoin mining operations.

DMG currently owns servers for Bitcoin mining and has access to a facility that can accommodate up to 40 self-contained mobile server units, totaling 20,000 servers.

*Photo from DMG Blockchain’s Server Facility

In exchange for its service – operation and maintenance of the servers – DMG Blockchain receives a monthly fee from each of its clients…providing access to a consistent stream regardless of any potential swings in Bitcoin pricing.

By mining as a service, DMG Blockchain is not burdened with the expensive cost of replacing servers every 18 to 24 months. This cost benefit, combined with the more consistent revenue stream, helps give DMG Blockchain a great foundation of profitability as they develop blockchain solutions for a diverse group of industries.

DMG Blockchain’s Mining as a Service (MaaS) solutions are available for organizations in need of mining solutions. If you’re interested in exploring the potential of working directly with DMG Blockchain and taking advantage of their MaaS services, please contact the company directly via their web site.

DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) launched this Mining as a Service (MaaS) model at the annual Bitmasters Conference in Kobe, Japan. DMG Blockchain’s partnership with the Bitmasters network provides the company access to Bitmasters’ network consisting of tens of thousands of members who are Bitcoin owners and influencers.

Japan is the largest player in the space by far and DMG Blockchain Solutions has a strong following there through the partnership with Bitmasters. The Japanese demand remains strong and DMG Blockchain has a significant first mover advantage in Japan thanks to the relationship with Bitmasters.

Revenue Stream #3: Forensics and Data Analysis

DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) works with law enforcement, as well as accounting and legal firms, to provide forensic services related to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, DMG Blockchain’s Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) work in partnership with blockchain analytic software companies to assist with cybercrime investigations.

And while we typically focus on potential investments with our followers, those in the market for forensics and data analysis solutions would be wise to contact DMG Blockchain Solutions directly to discuss potential partnerships.

Revenue Stream #4: Blockchain Software Platform Development

The revenue stream with the highest upside potential for DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) is its software platform development.

This platform development involves DMG Blockchain Solutions partnering with carefully-selected companies to develop blockchain-based software solutions for their unique business needs.

One example of this is DMG Blockchain’s recently announced letter of intent, in January 2018, with Emerald Health Therapeutics (TSX.V: EMH).

On January 26, 2018 Emerald Health Therapeutics and DMG signed a letter of intent to develop a foundational blockchain-based supply chain management system and e-commerce marketplace for the legal cannabis industry.

In this joint venture, Emerald would provide its expertise and relationships as one of the earliest Canadian Licensed Producers under Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. DMG Blockchain Solutions will build and deploy a blockchain supply chain management solution designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of the cannabis industry.

Strategic Partnerships are Key to DMG Blockchain’s Growth Potential

DMG Blockchain Solutions’ recent partnership with Emerald Health Therapeutics is just one example of the company exploring growth through partnership.

* On January 23, 2018 DMG Blockchain announced an agreement with Mogo Finance Technology Inc. (TSX: MOGO) to form a dedicated joint venture for Bitcoin mining as well as a lease agreement for 1,000 bitcoin mining machines to be operated by DMG under its MaaS model.

* On December 4, 2017 DMG and Element Fleet Management Corp. (TSX: EFN) announced a commitment to develop a leading-edge blockchain solution for fleet management that is expected to result in greater efficiencies and cost-savings for Element’s fleet customers.

This DMG-Element alliance is one of the first to explore fleet management inefficiencies using blockchain technology to strengthen life-cycle management.

Element Fleet also made a strategic investment into DMG Blockchain.

* And on (February 13, 2018), DMG announced the acquisition of Blockseer, a Silicon Valley-based company whose mission is to make blockchain data and applications accessible to everyone by providing valuable analysis of patterns, useful metrics, clear visualizations, and actionable intelligence.

Blockseer is an exploratory blockchain tool that wants users to “follow the bitcoin.” The tool shows a visual interpretation of transactions on the network alongside the connections each transaction has with individual addresses. The site traces bitcoin origins and follows the path of bitcoins traveling throughout the blockchain using a visual diagram.

This acquisition of Blockseer is an absolute game-changer for DMG Blockchain as the company’s team of seven blockchain developers provide an influx of new talent and brainpower for DMG Blockchain – including Danny Yang, Blockseer’s CEO (Ph.D in Computer Science from Stanford and Chemistry and Physics degree from Harvard).

In addition, Blockseer brings to the table an impressive client roster. And now you will be able to utilize the products and services that it has to offer. Interested customers should contact DMG Blockchain directly to learn more.

Tale of the Tape: How Does DMG Blockchain Stack Up to the Competition?

So what does DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) offer that other blockchain companies do not?

The company’s combination of diversification, consumer products and software development give DMG Blockchain a clear advantage:

An Experienced Team of Proven
Blockchain Pioneers

DMG’s management team is one of its biggest strengths. This impressive team includes seasoned bitcoin mining experts, forensic & financial professionals, blockchain developers, with deep relationships throughout North America and Japan, with previous experience working at Bitfury, PwC, EY, Cisco and UBS.

Dan Reitzik – Co-Founder,CEO & Director

Dan Reitzik is a successful entrepreneur having built companies at the forefront of societal change. These include Digital Youth Network, a teen focused wireless community, which was a joint venture between Rogers Wireless, Canada’s largest mobile phone network and Universal Music, the world’s largest record label.

Chris Filiatrault – Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Chris Filiatrault is a co-founder and director of DMG. For over 30 years, Mr. Filiatrault has been developing internet technology and software for the Japanese business market. In 1999, he founded Universal Objects Japan. In May of 2012, Mr. Filiatrault brought Bitcoin to the Japanese market and since that time, he has become a respected international authority on Bitcoin, opening the first Bitcoin ATM in Tokyo in 2014 and authored his first book about Bitcoin in Japanese.

Sheldon Bennett – CTO & Director

Sheldon Bennett has over 20 years of management experience leading international companies including PwC, Ernst & Young, Baker & McKenzie, Cisco Systems and Fonterra CIS. For the past three years Sheldon led Bitfury’s Canadian mining operations, where he was responsible for the setup and development of industrial bitcoin mining operations, including government relations, power optimization with Canadian utilities, and the engineering and development of mining operations.

Steven Eliscu – EVP Corporate Development

Steven Eliscu heads up Corporate Development for DMG Blockchain Solutions. He was most recently Head of Finance at Bitfury, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency company. Prior to Bitfury, Steve had his own consulting business, during which he was part of a corporate development team that executed a half billion-dollar acquisition. Prior to that Steve was an equity research analyst at UBS for 9 years, during which he covered semiconductor companies with an aggregate market cap in excess of $200 billion. He has also worked in executive marketing and business development roles in the semiconductor and network equipment sectors.

Danny Yang – the newest addition from the Blockseer Deal

Danny Yang is the founder and CEO of Blockseer and based out of Silicon Valley. He previously built a leading Bitcoin platform in Taiwan ( including brokerage, merchant payment, and wallet services, and integrated platform with banks. He has a Chemistry and Physics degree from Harvard, and a Ph.D in Computer Science from Stanford.

Now is the Time for Investors to Consider Seeking Stable Growth from Blockchain Technology & for Interested Customers to Utilize these services and products

Investors looking to profit from the continued growth in the blockchain technology market should make certain to search for stable growth potential.

Fly-by-night opportunities – including companies racing to add the word “blockchain” to their name – are unlikely to deliver meaningful results.

Instead, investors should look for companies with a wealth of experience in the blockchain space as well as a solid growth plan including diversified revenue streams.

DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) offers the potential for stable growth and possesses a number of critical advantages over its competitors. Investors should perform their due diligence and consider adding shares of DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSX.V: DMGI ; OTC:DMGGF) as a smart way of playing blockchain’s growth for maximum profit potential.

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