WikiLeaks Is About To Release One Million Documents

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, just announced on Tuesday that the group would soon publish one million documents related to the U.S. elections and three governments. The documents should be released in the coming weeks.

Assange has denied that the documents are aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton, despite Clinton criticizing his WikiLeaks group’s work after a spate of releases related to the Democratic National Committee before the Democratic political convention this summer.

Speaking via video link, he has said that all the documents would be released by the end of the year but the initial batch would be in the next week.

According to Assange, the election material is “significant” and would come out before the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election.

“The material that WikiLeaks is going to publish before the end of the year is of … a very significant moment in different directions, affecting three powerful organizations in three different states as well as … the U.S election process,” he said via a video link at an event marking the group’s 10th anniversary.

“There has been a misquoting of me and Wikileaks publications … (suggesting) we intend to harm Hillary Clinton or I intend to harm Hillary Clinton or that I don’t like Hillary Clinton. All those are false,” he said.

He has said that the documents would focus on war, weapons, oil, mass surveillance, the U.S. election, and Google.

Sofia Vida

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