This Huge Company Was Rejected 90 Times

Starting a successful company is no easy feat, and even worse when you’re rejected 90 times.

Acording to Danae Ringelmann, the co-founder and CDO of crowfunding site Indiegogo, “The key to thriving and to making it all happen is to turn those obstacles… into challenges.”

Ringelmann and her co-founders Eric Schell and Slava Rubin, launched Indiegogo in 2008. The platform allows entrepreneurs to raise money to grow their businesses.

Before they even raised their first dollar, they had been rejected 90 times.

Ringlemann commented, “With every rejection, we saw that as anothr reason why Indiegogo needed to exist.”

The company today has secured millions in funding from prominent VC firms and has distributed almost $1 billion to entrepreneurs across the world.

She said, “Even though the world likes to say no, it’s your job as an entrepreneur to keep saying yes.”

Sofia Vida

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