Tesla Has Big Plans To Do This Soon

It looks like Tesla is optimistic about the future of electric vehicles as the company has plans to double the number of Supercharger stations this year.

Doubling the number would help the electric car maker expand the reach of its network of fast electric car chargers as well as shorten wait times at existing stations.

Tesla is around the corner from the launch of its Model 3, which is a mid priced electric sedan. The vehicle would take Tesla out of just the high end market and into a market that serves the masses.

It’s no surprise the company is optimistic and wants to double the amount of Supercharger stations. There could be a lot of buyers for the Model 3.

Tesla began the year with 5,000 Supercharger stations globally and the plans now call for 10,000. The company also wants 15,000 Destination chargers which are charging stations used at restaurants, hotels, and resorts. Right now the electric vehicle giant only has 9,000.

In the state of California, Tesla will be adding 1,000 chargers alone. According to the company, it will build larger Supercharger sites along the busiest travel routes, and provide stations for local drivers in those areas further away from the highway, so local drivers are not competing for space with travelers.

There are rumors that Tesla may also plan to develop a semi truck which could make the need for Superchargers even bigger.
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