Subway Store Sues After Worker is Cleared for Drugging a Utah Police Officer’s Drink

A Subway shop in Utah is pissed and taking action after a worker at its store was cleared of drugging a Utah police officer’s lemonade.

The store has filed a lawsuit that says the police waited two months to publicly disavow a headline that made allegations against the store. According to the owners, officers in Layton, Utah had known within hours that the officer had no drugs in his system. Despite this, the police spokesman continued to cite early tests and had indicated the possible presence of THC as well as methamphetamine in the cop’s drink. These results were never duplicated.

Co-owner Kristin Myers explained “My life has been changed forever. It will never be the same. It’s always going to be known as the store that drugged the cop.”

The owners, Dallas Buttars and Myers, said the business had fallen 30% since a police spokesman told a reporter about what happened. The sergeant in question, was having trouble finding the brake pedal and was struggling to answer questions after he got the drink last year on August 8th. The police officer was even briefly hospitalized.

This was a story that made headlines around the nation and created speculation as to why the store employee, Tanis Ukena, would do such a thing. Other employees even quit after intense grilling from police detectives.

According to the owners the lost business, employee time and stigmatization cost them almost $300,000.

The owners had asked Layton city officials to publicize that the test results were negative for weeks before they finally cleared the worker in October of last year.

According to Layton City Attorney Gary Crane, the police could not publicly declare the clearing of the worker until extensive test results from the state crime lab were received.

It’s still unknown what made the police officer feel that way that day.

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