Self Made Millionnaire Has This Advice For College Graduates

Marcus Lemonis is the CEO of a billion dollar company called Camping World and he had two suggestions for 2017 college graduates right now. Two suggestions that may not be as easy as they sound if you are a millennial struggling to find work.

Lemonis has made a lot of money in the camping and RV business and it was because he went straight to work from college that he credits what helped shape his work ethic and finding his career path.

The star of CNBC’s “The Profit” says that every recent graduate from college needs to do these 2 things:

1. Get any job you can find

“Take any job you can just to get into the momentum of having a calendar,” Lemonis says, “a schedule of getting up on Monday morning and finishing on Friday night.”

“Your first fall back should not be to work for your family business,” Lemonis says. “Go work for somebody else, somebody that could and will fire you.”

“I know you’re historically used to summer break, but summer break is over. Get a job.”

“Take any job you can just to get into the momentum of having a calendar, a schedule…” he says.

2. Don’t live with your parents

“My best advice for the graduating class of 2017 would be don’t stay home too long,” he says. “Do your own damn laundry, and cook your own food, and get your own job. Pay your own bills.”

If you can’t find a paid internship or job in the field you’re interested in, take any gig you can land, even if it pays only $12 per hour, the multi-millionaire says.

“It’s better than you sitting at home making zero dollars,” he says.

Sofia Vida

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