School Shooting In California Was A “Domestic Dispute”

The city of San Bernardino is reeling again after a teacher was shot to death in the classroom and two students were wounded as a result.

In what looks like a murder-suicide, a suspected shooter entered a classroom at North Park School in San Bernardino and opened fire. According to a school official, the teacher knew the gun man and the shooting was due to a “domestic dispute.”

Police Capt. Ron Maass told reporters, “The children we do not believe were targeted. The suspect had come to the classroom to visit.”

The two students who were wounded were flown to a hospital where they were listed in critical condition.

San Bernardino, which is 60 miles eash of Los Angeles, was also where the 2015 December terrorist attack happened where shooters Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people and wounded 22 others. The married couple were later killed in a gun battle with authorities.

In what is every parent’s worst nightmare, parents raced to the school to get information about their children.

The school’s 600 students were taken to California State University San Bernardino via bus but news footage captured the children walking hand in hand out of the school while escorted by police officers.

Sofia Vida

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