Obama Ties Election Hacking To Vladimir Putin

At his final press conference of 2016, President Obama told the press that he ties the election-year hacks of Democrats to Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

“Not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin,” Obama told reporters.

“I will let you make that determination as to whether there are high-level Russian officials who go off rogue and decide to tamper with the U.S. election process without Vladimir Putin knowing about it.”

A poll showed 37 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of Putin. “Over a third of Republican voters approve of Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB,” Obama said.

“Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave,” he remarked.

“The Russians can’t change us or significantly weaken us,” he said. “They are a smaller country, they are a weaker country, their economy doesn’t produce anything that anyone wants to buy except oil and gas and arms. They don’t innovate. But they can impact us if we lose track of who we are. They can impact us if we abandon our values.”

Sofia Vida

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