NYC Dog Owners Just Got Something To Get Excited About

Many people love to take their dogs out when they run errands. The problem is that many stores do not allow pets inside. Sure, you can tie your best friend to a pole or a tree, but what about dog theft?

A new smart home has emerged in New York City for dogs, and it’s called Dog Parker.

All you have to do is reserve one near the place you’re going to and your furry friend can stay inside of it while you do your errands. These smart houses for dogs are fully equipped with webcams so you can even see what your pal is up to.

Members of Dog Parker simply pay a $25 per year fee and $0.20 per minute their dog occupies the unit.

You don’t have to clean anything either as a UVC sanitation light inside tidies up the surfaces until a crew can come at the end of the day to do a deep cleaning.

The newest Dog Parker model is locally made in New York, and soon another 100 units are set to hit Brooklyn.

Sofia Vida

Sofia has been writing for major news outlets for over 15 years. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, walking her dogs, and going to concerts.

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