Mexico Gets Hit with a 7.1 Earthquake

It hasn’t been a good month for Mexico considering how many major earthquakes the country has had.

Another massive earthquake shook the country on Tuesay and has already killed over 100 people.

Thousands of people were running into the streets while many needed to be rescued trapped under rubble.

According to Mexico City’s Mayor where the earthquake struck, buildings fell at 44 places in the capital alone.

This is the deadliest earthquake to hit the country since 1985, ironically on the same date. The earthquake 32 years ago was responsible for the deaths of thousands.

Less than two weeks Mexico had another powerful quake that left 90 dead.

There is a state of disaster declared by the federal government in Mexico City and President Enrique Pena has ordered every hospital to open its doors for injured people.

Federal interior minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong remarked on the people still possibly trabled inside buildings that have collapsed and said, “It has to be done very carefully, and time is against us.”

Sofia Vida

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