Ivanka Trump Just Got Sued For This Not So Surprising Reason

Well it may have been only a matter of time until something like this happened to Ivanka Trump.

A small San Francisco clothing retailer called Modern Appealing Clothing, has lodged a class action lawsuit against Ivanka Trump’s brand. The retailer is charging that the brand has an unfair business edge due to Ivanka’s father being the president and that his aides have leveraged the presidency to promote its products.

The 40-year-old upscale boutique, filed a claim last week in Superior Court of California against Ivanka Trump Marks LLC.

The claim argues that the brand’s sales “have surged since the election” because it has exploited “the power and prestige of the White House for personal gain.”

The lawsuit also claims that Ivanka Trump expands her presence as an unpaid adviser to her father, gaining an office in the West Wing and seeking security clearance.

Ivanka just recently gained an office in the West Wing and is seeking security clearance.

According to White House officials, Ivanka is not a federal employee and will voluntarily follow federal ethics rules. “Ivanka has taken on several measures to promote high standards of ethical conduct,” press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday.

“Even though she’s not a federal employee, she’ll follow the restrictions that would apply if she were. She’s taken these steps with the advice of counsel and in consultation of the Office of Government Ethics.”

Ivanka’s company is now managed and handled by president Abigail Klem. The company declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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