This Huge Starbucks Size Exists But Can’t Be Found On Their Menu

Only a coffee lover would appreciate a cup size that is as big as their head. Starbucks has such a size but it won’t be found on their menu. The company’s largest size on their menu is the venti cup, but there’s actually a bigger secret size.

The size is called Trenta, and it can hold an amazing 31 ounces of whatever drink you want off of the menu. If you want an idea of just how big this is, a bottle of standard wine is around 25 ounces.

This means your coffee cup could be bigger than your wine bottle. So how do you order this secret size from the coffee powerhouse? You simply try and ask for it.

First off, it’s only for cold drinks. So if you want a hot macchiato, it will have to be a venti cup if you want Starbucks’ largest size.

The Trenta size can hold all cold drinks, specifically iced teas and coffees, cold brew, and Refreshers.

There was a time when Starbucks sold this size, but I guess the chain decided 31 ounces of sugar is too much for its customers. A Frappuccino in a trenta cup could have more than 100 grams of sugar!

There’s also another secret Starbucks size for those who do not want to drink a lot. It’s called the miniature “short” and holds 8 ounces. When Starbucks first started, this size was actually the standard small until the Venti was introduced in the late 90’s.

Disclaimer: We have no position in Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) and have not been compensated for this article.

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