Here’s Why You Should Never Say “108” To Apple’s Siri

Apple’s assistant Siri has been one of the most helpful tools this planet has ever seen. She is a big part of Apple’s iPhone appeal. She can help you if you’re lost on the road, help you find music, and look any thing up. There is one thing though that you should not say to Siri though, unless you really mean it, and that’s say “108” to her.

Social media pranksters have been trying to get iPhone users to say “108” to Siri. It sounds harmless, but by saying those three numbers, you are actually being connected to your country’s emergency services.

108 is India’s version of 999 in the UK or 911 in the US. The thing however is that if you dial any international emergency service number, it will redirect you to the one in your own country that is equivalent. So if you call 999 here in the U.S, it will redirect you to 911.

This mean prank has had many people scrambling to end the call as soon as they find out what saying “108” leads to.

Pranksters on Twitter have been posting “ask Siri about 108” and even telling them to close their eyes for five seconds as they do it. This would give time for the connection to go through.

Seriously, what is wrong with these idiots? Who encourages stuff like this when real emergencies are happening all over?
Whatever you do, don’t say “108” unless you mean it, and are in need of emergency services.

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