Former Top Google Exec Say This Is What Makes A Good Boss

Whether you run a small shop or a big corporation, you’re a boss.

Kim Scott is the woman who led Google’s AdSense team and has been in high demand since. She is a highly sought after CEO coach and has clients at Dropbox, Twitter and many other companies.

According to Scott, every leader has his or her own style, but there is one thing that the best ones have in common. She refers to this characteristic as “radical candor.”

She lays out two key things for a great boss to do.

The first — Care about your employees.

“It’s not enough to care only about people’s ability to perform a job,” Scott writes in her new book “Radical Candor.”

She says that in order to be a great boss, you have to go beyond being professional, you have to want to get to know your employees on a human level. She says it so eloquently in one sentence, “It’s about giving a damn.”

“It’s about giving a damn,” Scott says, “sharing more than just your work self and encouraging everyone who reports to you to do the same.”

The best bosses make an effort to know their employees and encourage open conversations, Scott explains.

The next component is — Establish open and honest conversations.

The former Google exec says the best boss is honest with their employees, both when their work is good and when it isn’t.

This means “you care enough to point out the things that aren’t going well and those that are,” she explains.
“This develops trust,” Scott writes.

“Caring personally about people even as you challenge them will build the best relationships of your career,” she says.

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