There is a Class Action Lawsuit Over Poland Spring Water

A class-action lawsuit was filed this week in federal court in Connection against Poland Spring Water’s parent, Nestle Waters North America, claiming that the company is deceiving customers with evergreen labels which say their bottles contain “100 percent natural spring water” from Maine.

The lawsuit claims that Poland Springs is bottling groundwater that doesn’t meet the federal definition of spring water.

According to a Nestle Waters representative, the water meets all relevant federal and state regulations for spring water.

In a statement, the spokesperson said, “Poland Spring is 100 percent spring water.”

and meets FDA regulations that define spring water, as well as federal and state regulations governing spring water, according to the company, which also posted a response to the suit on its website.

The lawsuit however says the company is committing “colossal fraud.”

According to the Bangor Daily News, Nestle is seeking to expand in Maine. The company also bottles or distributes 15 water brands that include Arrowhead, Deer Park, and Ice Mountain.

Sofia Vida

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