Car Plows Into Times Square Killing One And Injuring Many

Disaster struck in New York City on Thursday when a car plowed into crowded Times Square at 12 p.m ET. Officials have reported that one person is dead and 22 others are injured.

According to the NYPD, the incident is not terror related and the driver has been apprehended. The 26-year old driver, named Richard Rojas, is a U.S. citizen and Navy veteran with a criminal history. he has had multiple DWI arrests on his record.

One witness recounted that the car stopped on the sidewalk and the driver tried to run before the police grabbed him.
Jude Memeh commented, “I was on 45th Street in my car when I heard the sound of a car and commotion — everyone was running. I looked and I saw a Honda Accord, a red color. The Honda Accord flipped onto the sidewalk. When I looked, the guy from the Honda Accord started running.”

“While he was running, the police and people from the sidewalk started chasing him. When they finally had him, the police came out and the firefighters came out. There were a whole lot of bodies on the street. They started picking up the bodies and they started to see the sidewalks. When I came back to this point where I am right now, I saw the car catch on fire and it finally burnt down. The car caught on fire.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed it is not terror related and stated, “We know the times we’re living in. We know that it’s a dangerous moment in history.”

Sofia Vida

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