Bill Ackman Just Gave Some Big Advice To President Trump

So we all know that President Trump’s presidency isn’t going as smoothly as it could go. Billionaire activist investor Bill Ackman has some ideas on how Trump can fix this though.

The CEO of Pershing Square Capital, which is worth $11 billion, admitted at the SALT conference in Vegas this week that Trump has “been disappointing so far.”

He also had a solution and said, “The opportunity to save the Trump presidency is to make business progress and stop focusing on the media.”

According to Ackman, he was supportive of Trump because the United States never had a president who was as pro-business the way Donald Trump is.

Ackman said, “I’d get up in front of the American people. I’d say, ‘look I’m delighted this investigation has been launched. Let’s get to the facts… I’ve got a country to run.’”

He then believes Trump should focus on an infrastructure program after.

“Why shouldn’t toll roads and bridges be a regulated, utility-like private sector enterprise?” asked Ackman.

“What he needs to do is make progress for the country so that way he becomes too essential for people to get rid of him.”

Ackman believes Trump should focus on other things before healthcare too. “Every president seems to start with health care, and it destroys pretty much every presidency. Infrastructure and corporate tax reform are straightforward. I don’t think it’s controversial.”

“It’s like running a successful hedge fund and having a big drawdown. It’s one step at a time. Make progress You can’t accomplish everything at once. You start with the easiest thing for which you have the most support.”

Sofia Vida

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