A $160K Salary Wasn’t Enough To Survive For This Guy

San Francisco is an expensive city. Its in California after all. One man is having a hard time surviving in the city even though he makes six figures.

In many other states in the United States, six figures can go a long way.

According to The Guardian, an anonymous Twitter employee in his 40s said that even on his $160,000 a year salary, he is barely scraping by.

“I didn’t become a software engineer to be trying to make ends meet,” the man told The Guardian.

According to the employee, $3,000 a month goes towards the rent he pays for a two-bedroom house for himself, his wife, and their two kids. He even described this rent as “ultra cheap.”

“Families are priced out of the market,” he says. Apparently when there are many young people willing to share expenses and live together it’s hard for families to compete with that.

He’s not the only one who’s mad at how expensive the area is. A woman spoke to The Guardian and said that she and her parent have a combined salary of $1 million, yes, $1 million, and they can’t even afford a house.

She exclaimed, “This is part of where the American dream is not working out here.”

Maybe it’s time to move if it’s that expensive there.

Sofia Vida

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