There’s An Actual Candy That Can Help Fight Cavities

We all can thank 11-year old Alina Morse for giving us candy that actually doesn’t rot our teeth and cause cavities.

The young girl created Zollipops, which are “healthy” lollipops that do not contain any sugar or gluten.

She just released a new formula that coincided with International Women’s Day.

“I love Women’s Day because it celebrates female entrepreneurs, and being part of that community is a huge honor,” said Morse to Yahoo Beauty.

While Morse is just your typical sixth-grade student in Michigan, she also is an innovator. In 2013 she decided she wanted to make her favorite treat healthier. On a trip to the bank with her father, the teller offered her a lolly. Her dad said that candy will rot her teeth, so in response, Morse asked, “Why can’t I make candy that’s good for my teeth?”
That’s when Zollipops were born.

These GMO-free treats do not contain sugar or gluten and they reduce the risk of tooth decay by raising a person’s pH levels (the scale used to measure acidity or basicity in the mouth).

Instead of sugar, Zollipops contain the sugar alternatives erythritol, xylitol, and stevia.

Flavors come in cherry, strawberry, raspberry, orange, pineapple, and grape flavors.

She had help getting things started from her mother and father who work in sales and marketing. Morse explained, “Since I’m a kid, I need help with lots of things. This was a $7,500 investment, and I had a little less than half of that because I saved all the money I was given for birthdays and holidays.”

Sofia Vida

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